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 VideoBook: One Minute Transformation

The Need for Transformation

In the cycle of growth for human beings and our societies, change is necessary in order for life to continue and it seems our entire planet is on the verge of a major transformation at this time. You can almost feel it wherever you go: the yearning for something new to unfold, for the passage to the next phase of our existence to be completed.

One sign that transformation is near is the tendency for old belief systems and institutions to become even more rigid and resistant to the inevitable changes that are on the horizon. Thus we see a rise in fundamentalism and reactionary behavior as a last-ditch effort to keep things the same as they have always been. But the light of new awareness is already shining on those institutions and revealing the dark shadows of the past that will no longer be tolerated. Revelations of dishonesty, corruption, abusiveness and greed are occurring frequently now in our old financial, educational, political, and religious systems. Transformation isi desperately needed in our society if we are going to survive.

While genuine spiritual growth, which many of us are working diligently toward, can take a lifetime to accomplish, transformation actually occurs in an instant. There is a sudden moment of awareness as the clouds part and allow the light to shine through and change the way we see everything. This instant transformation is what is needed all across our planet to help us move forward and solve the life-threatening problems we face.

The book What Really Matters addresses the path of spiritual growth and provides a guide for that process. But it seems that something more is needed right now and in response to that need I have been inspired to create this series of very brief videos to open the heart and mind and inspire transformation to occur. This is a tiny contribution toward the change our planet is calling for, but I hope you will join in this process by bringing forward your own gifts and ideas to support the momentum toward transformation. The world is waiting fro your brilliance - are you ready to bring it forward?



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