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7 Lessons for Living 

from the Dying

How to Nurture What Really Matters

7 Lesson for Living from the Dying chronicles the life transformation experienced by Dr. Karen Wyatt as she cared for dying patients and their families in hospice. Not only is this a book of beautiful and uplifting stories, but it is also a guidebook for those who are feeling hopelessly lost and stuck In this contemporary world. 7 Lessons for Living points the way through the confusing maze of suffering and pain to the ultimate destination of meaning, purpose, growth and healing. 

Read this book – it has the power to change the way you see ... everything!

Available May 2020 from Watkins Publishing


What Really Matters: Daily Practice Cards

This set contains one card for each of the 7 Lessons from the book 7 Lessons for Living from the Dying: How to Nurture What Really Matters and includes practical, simple suggestions for incorporating the lessons into your daily life. Use the cards as quick reminders of the spiritual wisdom you would like to embody, or choose a card to help you find your way through a difficult time. 

$20.00 (plus shipping and handling)

A Matter of Life and Death Book

A Matter of Life & Death:                         Stories to Heal Loss & Grief

This is a book of inspirational stories and poems dealing with grief, loss and spiritual growth. From the author's personal experience with the suicide death of her father, she has drawn a wise and compassionate perspective on the importance of healing grief in order to permit spiritual growth. These writings are presented as a gentle guide to those who suffer grief and a beacon of hope for those who are lost in despair. Stories deal specifically with healing the wounds of childhood, finding meaning in suffering, seeing the Divine in everything, and developing compassion. 

$16.95 (plus shipping and handling)

A Matter of Life and Death CD

A Matter of Life & Death:                                    Stories to Heal Loss & Grief

Audio Download

Selected stories from the book A Matter of LIfe & Death narrated by the author. Available for immediate download as an M4A file. 


Wisdom Path Online

The 7 Lessons Wisdom Path

8-week Home Study Course:

In this course Dr. Wyatt will lead you on a journey through the 7 Lessons from the book What Really Matters and show you how to apply them to your day-to-day life. Through a series of weekly audio recordings, homework assignments and practices, you will experience the wisdom of each lesson, such as Forgiveness andSurrender, from a new perspective.

Change your life and deepen your spiritual practice with this transformational course.

To purchase The 7 Lessons Wisdom Path click here.

Get Over it For Good!

Heal the Hidden Wounds of Childhood

6-Module Audio Course taught by Dr. Karen Wyatt that combines childhood development, brain neuroscience and psychology to help you identify your hidden childhood issues, understand their impact on your life and create a plan for healing these wounds - for good! More...

To purchase Get Over It For Good click here.

Love Stories CD

Stories of Love                                      

from What Really Matters

Selected stories that reveal the importance of Love from the book What Really Matters. Narrated by the author. Available for immediate download as an M4A file


Gift of Years Book

Gift of Years:

Thought Treasures for Those Growing Older

by Lucy Woodward and Margaret Wyatt

This is a beautiful book of daily devotions for the elderly written by my mother and her friend. Each devotional passage is written as a message from a loving God to His devoted servant and includes suggestions for Scripture readings, as well. These thoughts are perfect for reading aloud to an older person, perhaps in a nursing home or hospice. 

Click the Buy Now button and I will send it for just the cost of shipping. If you order one of my books above I will include a FREE copy of Gift of Years, in cherished memory of my dear Mom! 

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