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Inspirational Writing by Dr. Karen Wyatt

Welcome to the Reading Library

On this page you will find various writings by Dr. Karen Wyatt you can READ online or download as pdf files.  These selections include poetry, stories and essays, some of which are featured in current publications.  

Also, some stories are featured as Audio Content in the Listening Library. You can link to those files from this page if you prefer to LISTEN or go directly to the Listening Library.

Below you will find a list of available print material.  Just click READ or LISTEN (when applicable) to begin enjoying these inspirational writings.

Check back often as new content is being added all the time! 


 "How to Help in Times of Grief

When You Don't Know What To Do"

This Guide is written for those who would like to offer support to a person in grief but who don't know what to do or how to be of help. Practical suggestions for providing assistance to the bereaved are included along with sections on what normal grief looks like, what to say to a grieving adult or child, and the grief customs of various religions. 

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 "Coping with Life-Threatening Illness:

A Guide for Patients and Loved Ones"

This Guide addresses the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Needs of the patient with a life-threatening or terminal illness. Helpful suggestions are included for coping with the shock and confusion that can follow such a diagnosis. Friends and family members can benefit from this information by gaining an increased understanding of the process of illness and learning some strategies for supporting a loved one facing this difficult time of life. 

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  "Loss & Grief Survival Guide" 

This Guide was written for those suffering with acute symptoms of grief from a recent loss or for those who are caring for someone experiencing grief. It provides a step-by-step approach to managing the difficult days of loss with suggestions for meeting the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of grief.

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 "Tips for Optimum Pain Management at the End of LIfe"

A brief article stressing the need for adequate pain relief for those at the end of life so that emotional and spiritual issues can be addressed. Tips are given for finding a balance between pain relief and mental clarity.

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The Gift of Laughter: 

a hospice story about humor in the face of tragedy

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a poem about coping with the pain of grief



a hospice story about using lovingkindness to overcome anger 

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Sixty Miles to Paradise:

a story about lessons learned on a 60-mile walk to support breast cancer patients

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