Inspirational Public Speaking with Dr. Karen Wyatt

Dr. Wyatt is available for public speaking engagements including support groups, conferences, workshops, staff in-services and continuing medical education lectures.  Potential topics include:

  • End-of-Life--Informed Care for Providers
  • An Integral Approach to the End-of-Life (based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory as applied to end-of-life care)
  • What Baby Boomers Want: Evolving Hospice Care for the Future
  • What Really Matters: Meeting the Spiritual Needs of Hospice and Palliative Care Patients
  • What Doctors Need to Know About the End-of-Life (Also titled: What Matters in the End: How Physicians Can Help Patients at the End-of-Life)
  • Filling the Well: Caring for Ourselves While We Care for Others
  • Walking the Walk: When the Hospice Physician Becomes the Family Caregiver
  • Conscious Living and Dying: What Really Matters
  • Life Lessons from Hospice Patients: Finding Joy in Being Alive
  • What Really Matters at the End-of-Life
  • Earth Lessons for the Soul: What Really Matters in this Journey of Life
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Dr. Karen Wyatt, Speaker

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