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My Call from the Universe

In December 2009 I met a woman at a fundraiser who has a strong psychic ability. I saw her again a few weeks later and she approached me stating that she needed to tell me something. She normally never does “readings” on people without being invited to do so, but she had seen something in my aura that alarmed her and she felt obligated to tell me. She had seen that there was some very important work I was supposed to be doing, but that I was shutting it out and ignoring it. She could see that I was heavily involved in a job that took up all my time, but it was the wrong job for me. Then she told me that I would become ill with a serious illness if I didn’t change my work.

I resonated with all of this because I had not been feeling well physically for a few months and I had been thinking about retiring in one year in order to start writing. When I told her this, she gave me a look of concern and then said very soberly, “You don’t have a year. You have one month ... and it’s a matter of life and death.” Instantly I knew that she was telling me the truth.

 Within two weeks I left my job and tried to start writing, but I was exhausted in every way. After a month or so of rest I began to feel healthy again and subsequently put together this CD of stories that I have written over the past years, titling it (appropriately) “A Matter of Life and Death.”

Already I have received feedback from people who have listened to the CD saying things like: "I was finally able to heal my relationship with my mother after I listened to 'The Perfect Mother'";  "Your soothing voice helped me feel safe and comforted..."; "I felt transformed after listening to 'Meadowlark' and my husband and I had a breakthrough in our marriage.  It was a miracle." Read more about these stories
Now, the print version of "A Matter of LIfe and Death: Stories to Heal Loss & Grief" is finally available for purchase.  Click here. 

AND I've written my book of hospice stories, as well: "What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying." It has been an amazing journey!

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