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  A Matter of Life and Death:      

                  Stories to Heal Loss & Grief



  A collection of stories about

  everyday life, finding meaning

  in suffering, and coping with

  death and grief; written and

  narrated by Dr. Karen Wyatt.





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                A Matter of Life and Death: Writings from the edge



Stick and Rock 

Discovering the hidden beauty of ordinary rocks and a stick leads to a painful awareness of disconnection from the natural world and a spiritual longing to see one's own inner beauty. 

The Perfect Mother

To heal our mother-wounds we must recognize the sacrifices made by our mothers, forgive their shortcomings, and see them from a new perspective: perfect in their own way because they have given us wounds from which to grow.

 Fathers: Good and Bad

  Our fathers have also given us wounds from which we can grow and must be accepted as they are, whether "good" or "bad" in the eyes of society.  This step is necessary for us to move on and continue our growth.


 Why Me?

  An elderly woman in a nursing home discovers that her life still has meaning and purpose by asking herself the question, "Why me?


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What You See is What You Get

  A mentally ill patient teaches a young doctor to see the Divine in everyone and thus help them discover their highest potential.



  The pain of grief over a father's suicide death is depicted, along with a small miracle that helped his daughter survive the tragedy.


 Cave Bath

  Surprising lessons are learned about grief and spiritual growth in the healing waters of a hot mineral water cave bath.


Falling Trees

  The seemingly random whims of Nature are explored through stories of tragic accidents that seem meaningless.  Ultimately, deep spiritual peace is attained as one accepts and even embraces the broken perfection of life on this planet.

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