Get Over It For Good: Healing the Hidden Wounds of Childhood

Welcome to the Audio Course!

In this 6-module course I draw from my years of experience as a family physician to guide you through the developmental stages of childhood as you uncover the hidden difficulties of your early life that are now sabotaging your attempts to grow and heal. These internalized traumas may not seem significant to you now, but they are important because they occurred during the early years of your brain development and personality formation - at a time when you had no verbal or rational skills to help you cope.

The beauty of this workshop lies in the fact that simply uncovering the past is a major step toward healing it. During this course I will provide wisdom and knowledge, along with specific tools and techniques to help you Get Over It For Good! Indeed it is always good when you heal and grow toward your full potential and that is just what this workshop is designed to create. Many blessings to you as you work to create a life that really matters!  Dr. Karen Wyatt

How to Get the Most From This Course:

  • Complete the Modules in order from 1-6 because they build upon each other
  • Do the suggested Homework for each Module before moving on to the next
  • Download and print the Handouts file for each module before you get started
  • Have a notebook or journal and a pen available before you get started
  • You can PLAY the Audio File on this page while you follow along with the slides. You can also DOWNLOAD the Audio mp3 files and save them to your computer by clicking on the BLUE MP3 button on each Audio Player.
  • You can Print the slides if you would like, however this will require a lot of ink and paper!
  • Remember that you can schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation with me as part of this course. Use the form below to contact me and arrange your appointment. Let me know days and times that work best for you schedule.
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