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About Creative Healing: Opening the Heart of Western Medicine

Over the past century, Western Medicine has made dramatic technological and pharmacological advances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.  But this rapid expansion of scientific knowledge has resulted in the collapse of the Spiritual wisdom which had formerly been a vital component of the healing arts.  In addition, the current business model of medicine, emphasizing profit margin as the highest goal, has stifled creativity and individuality in the treatment process. 

Meanwhile, those who are afflicted with illness, grief or despair, which seem inherent in this New Age, find little solace in the drugs, herbs and modalities of modern and alternative medicine.  Our souls cry out for wisdom, compassion and healing, but there is precious little to be found in our healthcare system.  

Illness has always had a spiritual component, but as Western Medicine evolved, that aspect of healthcare became neglected and even dismissed from consideration.  Now that science is recognizing the presence of the energy body, it is crucial to reunite spirituality with the medical arts, in order to ensure that all those who suffer receive complete and holistic care.

True healing is a result of the creative power of LOVE.  True healing is actually a yielding to higher spiritual wisdom, an awareness of a purpose or meaning beyond the obvious.  True healing can lead to dramatic changes in mind and spirit, even when physical illness remains unchecked.  True healing requires an opening of the heart to LOVE and a sharing of creative wisdom.

CREATIVE HEALING is a step toward reviving spirituality in medicine and an offering of LOVE from a physician, Karen Wyatt, MD, who strives to reach beyond the limitations of the medical profession.  

CREATIVE HEALING has two main objectives:

1. to provide spiritual information for patients who are seeking a better understanding of the meaning of illness and suffering;

2.  to encourage physicians and other Western healthcare providers to explore and acknowledge spiritual wisdom as it applies to health and illness, in order to better serve their patients.

This website and the information it contains is one aspect of the CREATIVE HEALING outreach.  In addition, the writings and inspirational stories provided by Dr. Wyatt are being offered to further these CREATIVE HEALING objectives. 


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