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A portion of the proceeds from all sales through this website are donated to local and national non-profit, 501(c)3 organizations that serve those in need of medical, mental health or hospice care.  See below for a list of the non-profit organizations who have received donations this year.
In addition, a certain number of Books, Audio Books and CD's are being made available free of charge for distribution to the elderly, those with limited sight and individuals without access to computers.  If you know of someone who might benefit from this writing who fits this description, please leave a message on the Contact Me page and every effort will be made to provide free materials to that person.

Finally, these products are also available for resale as a fund raising effort by non-profit organizations that serve the underserved.  For more information, please Contact Me and leave a message.

Charitable Organizations Supported by Creative Healing since 2010:

1.  Summit Community Care Clinic - Frisco, Colorado


2.  Swan Center Outreach - Silverthorne, Colorado


3. Clinton Bush Haiti Fund


4. Friends Along the Road - Sanctuary for Those in Grief


5. Bristlecone Health Services Hospice Foundation

6. Colorado West Regional Mental Health


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