Letters to the broken-hearted: number 2

Posted by Karen M. Wyatt on March 21, 2012 at 9:00 PM

“From the flames of suffering the soul rises,

a shimmering ray of light that illuminates the night.”

Dear friend,

Once again I am writing to you in your darkness, hoping to bring the faint light of a single candle to your midst. Hoping you will see, if only briefly, the thin thread of hope that weaves through every crisis.

You may be feeling nothing right now – worn numb from the agony that has been washing over you. Or you may be lost in unspeakable pain. No matter the extremes to which you are dragged by your emotion, there is burning within you a steady filament of light that may be hidden from you. T

his light does not falter and is never extinguished by even the most terrible deluge of sorrow. This light when finally revealed to you can illuminate all of your darkness and show the path that lies before you. This light shimmers with the sacred energy of divine love and can eventually heal the broken places within you.

But now may not be the time for this light, the shining of your soul, to be seen by you. The darkness has its own cycle that cannot be rushed or shortened. You must be patient with your sorrow and bear whatever it brings you even while you wait for your inner light to appear.

For now, contemplate a single candle and its power to radiate a circle of light even in the midst of the darkest night. You have not been abandoned and will not be left in this despair. Every sorrowful teardrop, every agonizing sigh has been noted and counted. They will come to an end. The timing, though it now seems ludicrous to say, will be perfect for the light of your soul to rise within you and lead you out of this darkness.

Keep your eye on any faint light that you can detect anywhere. Remember that you are not alone. Continue to hold on and breathe every moment. Each moment has been given to you to share with all of life around you.  

With loving concern,

Karen Wyatt, MD

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