Letters to the broken-hearted: number 1

Posted by Karen M. Wyatt on February 27, 2012 at 8:00 AM

“Though your mind overflows with questions put them to rest in the darkness and let the stars in the night sky be your answer.”

Dear Friend,

I know that your heart is so broken right now that you cannot imagine the pieces coming together again. I understand that you are exhausted and numb from the shock and pain of what has happened in your life. This message comes to tell you that you are not alone in your suffering.

Many others have faced the darkness of the night and wondered if they would ever see the light again. Many have cried bitter tears and begged to understand why this life is so painful. Many have lost course and wandered in despair while trying to navigate these fierce waters of suffering.

But you can see for yourself, with the first light of each new day, that darkness does come to an end. The blackest night is always followed by daybreak, the harshest storm eventually recedes, and the mightiest ocean wave dissipates on the sandy shore. This pain that is overwhelming you now will one day lessen, though that seems impossible and unbelievable in this moment.

Hold on. Find whatever threads of your life are intact right now and cling to them, whether they are people you love, books that inspire you, objects of nature you connect with, or music or art that reflect your soul. Hold on. For now your only task is to breathe and keep yourself afloat, one day at a time.

Questions and doubts may flood your thoughts, but right now you cannot find the answers you seek. Life is a mystery as it unfolds and we are not meant to understand it all. Someday you will be in a place where you will see clearly. Until then seek rest; quiet your mind by breathing deeply, moment after moment after moment.

You are being held in the loving embrace of all who have suffered before you. Their pain and anguish have fashioned a lifeline that even now is gently lifting you from the deep sorrow that threatens to overwhelm you. Stay the course and hold on. Hold on, my friend.

With loving concern,

Karen Wyatt, MD

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