Braco's gaze: my experience with a healer

Posted by Karen M. Wyatt on September 19, 2011 at 3:35 PM
In June of this year I attended a “gazing session” in Westminster, Colorado with Braco, the Croatian healer who has been brought to the US to share his gift of healing with our nation. I have waited to write my comments about this experience in order to get a more distant perspective on things and also to allow time for changes to evolve.

During the event we were ushered into a conference hall that held approximately 900 people. An organizer from Braco America, Jane Sibbett, told us about Braco and what to expect from the session, then played a brief video of testimonials from other Braco healing sessions. We learned from a show of hands that about two-thirds of the people in the room had seen Braco before and the rest of us were totally new to the experience.

Then soft music began to play as Braco entered the room. As soon I laid eyes on him I was moved to tears, much to my surprise. His presence and appearance exuded calmness, humility and authenticity. Even the way he walked across the room and ascended to the stage demonstrated no pretense or self-consciousness, just pure compassion and love.

As Braco slowly moved his gaze across the crowd, back and forth, he seemed to make direct eye contact with each person in the room. Throughout this experience I could feel what I can only describe as calm and peaceful energy surrounding me. It was a gentle and uplifting feeling rather than earth-shattering or overwhelming. I saw no lights or colors or shapes, as other people have described. And I felt no physical changes in my body, other than the same calmness that permeated the room.

When the event was over and we filed out the exit I observed how quiet and peaceful the entire audience had become. There were no raised voices or ringing cell phones, no one pushing or rushing toward the door, no complaints or commentary from this crowd. Each person seemed deep in his/her own thoughts while behaving with calm courtesy and respect toward others. Truly it seemed as if everyone had been filled with the same beautiful energy I was feeling at that time.

Now 3 months have passed since I saw Braco and that feeling of peace has not left me during this entire time. I have experienced increased physical energy and have been able to exercise longer and harder than usual with no ill effects. In addition, all of my senses seem enhanced: the fruits and vegetables I eat are alive with flavor and succulence and when I walk in the woods I am awed by the vibrant colors of the flowers and trees, the scent of moist earth and the beautiful melodies of birds singing all around me.

I have been waking up in the early hours of each morning with an urgent desire to pray and meditate, often for specific people or situations. I can only say that it seems as if my consciousness has been opened to a new level and has remained open, bringing me an increased capacity for joy as well as pain.

There is no scientific explanation I can find for this experience and its after-effects. I attended that session with Braco out of curiosity with an open yet discerning mind and I am not typically susceptible to suggestion or group hysteria (though there was absolutely no element of hysteria in that room.) But I have come to believe that Braco is a man with incredibly powerful and pure spiritual energy that he can transmit to others simply by looking at them. And it seems possible to me that some people might experience physical healing because of the power of that energy. 

According to the Braco America website, Braco accepts no money for this work and refuses to promote himself or even receive credit for the healings that have taken place. He doesn’t preach or teach and does not want to be adored or worshipped. He himself simply believes that this healing energy comes through him but not from him. This level of humility further supports his authenticity as a healer.

I can only say from my experience that no matter how Braco’s influence is described or explained, our world needs more of it: more peacefulness, more compassion, more awareness. I am grateful for my opportunity to be held in Braco’s gaze and I do not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who seeks to be touched by the divine.

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