Get rid of your resolutions and find harmony in 2012

Posted by Karen M. Wyatt on January 2, 2012 at 3:00 PM

As we turn to a new calendar year many of us are following the longstanding tradition of making “resolutions”: promises to ourselves for changes we hope to make as we begin this new start in our lives. But the word resolution also describes the moment in a song when a musical chord progresses from dissonance to consonance. You know that sound: the achingly beautiful point in a melody when a minor chord releases into a major chord by the shifting of just one note.

That musical resolution, the moment when what is out of harmony comes back into harmony, is so satisfying that it is one of the factors that makes music very appealing to us. We have an innate need to see and hear harmony restored whenever it is out of tune.

So I propose that we take a new look at this practice of making resolutions for this pivotal year 2012. Rather than making promises to ourselves that we are very likely to break (a recent study shows that only 12% of people are actually successful at keeping their resolutions), let’s focus our attention instead on restoring harmony where there is discord.

Think about it: harmony already exists throughout the Universe. Without a harmonious balance, planets and stars would collide on a regular basis, seasons would cease to exist, light could not emerge from the blackness of space and atoms could not coalesce to form molecules, cells and more complex beings.

Harmony also already exists within you but you may not be aware of its presence. You may feel the fluctuation of emotion and desire within you and believe that you are that fluctuation. You may sense that your behavior is not aligned with your good intentions and believe that you are that misalignment. You may struggle with unfulfilled hopes and believe that you are that hopelessness.

But you are actually a pure manifestation of the harmony of the Universe in body, mind, heart and spirit. You have everything you need in order to resonate with the melody of life – but you may be preventing that resonance from occurring without even knowing it.

Set your sights for 2012 on getting into the harmony, on finding the perfect resolution within yourself, which is what our planet needs from each of us. When we vibrate in tune with the Universe, the imbalances threatening our earth will resolve, as well.

The secret to restoring harmony lies in removing the obstacles that prevent the expression of that perfect balance. And there are several steps you can take to begin removing those obstacles right now. Stay for additional posts that will guide you to find a resolution in 2012 that will result in the clear, gratifying, achingly pure tones of the melody of the Universe.

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