Are you Waking Up to a desire to live a more spiritual life ... but you don't know where to start?

As the world appears to be falling apart all around us ... with global climate change, terrorism, economic collapse, political unrest, and worldwide pandemics ... you may find that you are drawn irresistibly to live a more conscious, aware and meaningful life. You may long to discover the specific purpose for your existence or to make a difference on this planet.

If you have been part of a religion in the past that didn't fit your view of the world, it's possible that you have been rejecting the spiritual aspect of life because you don't want to go back to old and uncomfortable patterns. However ...

You can grow in spiritual awareness without practicing a religion...or even believing in God.

You just have to understand how the Universe works and begin learning the basic lessons that you are here to master. That may sound difficult, but honestly ... it's rather simple.

The only thing you need to do right now is to allow yourself to see life in a new way. I'm Dr. Karen Wyatt and I can help guide you on this journey by showing you what really matters, as I've done for thousands of souls throughout my career as a spiritually-focused medical doctor.

Begin by downloading the Mind-Shift Blueprint to teach you how to move from Chaos to Grace in your thoughts and feelings. Once you take this first step toward awareness ...

Your journey will begin.


Available May 2020

from Watkins Publishing

7 Lessons for Living

from the Dying

How to Nurture What Really Matters

By Dr. Karen Wyatt

There is no life without death.

The aim of this book is to ease our terror of death so that we can contemplate our own deaths, and those of
our loved ones, with less regret, disappointment and fear, and to learn to live with more freedom and joy. 

Collected here are uplifting stories of transformation and healing gathered by Dr Karen Wyatt from the hospice patients in her care. She offers the seven key lessons the dying taught her, from suffering (“embrace your difficulties”) and love (“let your heart be broken”) to forgiveness (“hold no resentments”) and impermanence (“face your fear”).

The sometimes challenging, always inspiring real-life stories are combined with guidance on absorbing the 7 lessons into our lives through meditation and other spiritual practices. Teaching us what really matters in life, the dying show us how to live our best lives now with meaning, purpose and love.

Find out about Dr. Wyatt's groundbreaking personal learning course on healing the hidden wounds of childhood. She'll show you how to discover your hidden wounds and how to finally heal them so that you can live more fully in the present moment, with more love and joy.

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Mind-Shift Blueprint

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